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Document Coding & Data Entry

Proper record keeping and ease of access for analysis of crucial company data is key to data drive decision making. Document data entry requires a tremendous amount of time, attention to detail, and effort. Whether you are moving data from physical documents to digital or switching digital formats, ASU ready to help and at your service.   

Data at Your Fingertips

To have data at your finger tips, data entry of documents to the Cloud or fed into an existing software are effective for high efficiency operations and enhanced performance. The task of data entry & handling when tried to be managed in-house can become costly and highly ineffective, which is why at ASU Technologies, our team of experts have the know-how and use proven techniques to deliver exceptional results at a competitive price. 

Benefits of Having Data at Your Fingertips

Document Data Entry Service from ASU Technologies

We take great pride in our track record of 99.97% Accuracy

  • Offline Data Entry Services
  • QuickBooks Data Entry Services
  • Website Data Entry Services
  • Data Entry for Business Cards
  • Data Entry from Enrollment Forms
  • Legal Documents Data Entry
  • Survey Forms Processing Services
  • Invoice Data Entry
  • Research Papers Data Entry
  • Text & Numeric Data Entry
  • Handwritten Documents Data Entry
  • Printed Documents Data Entry
  • Insurance Claims Data Entry
  • Biological Species Database Creation
  • Data Entry from Telephonic Directories
  • CRM Data Entry Services
  • Insurance Claim Data Entry
  • Medical Documents Data Entry
  • Oil & Gas Forms Data Entry
  • Digital Transaction Processing Services
  • Data Enrichment Services
  • Internet Data Input Services
Why Outsource Data Entry Services to ASU?

Need high accuracy data entry, lower project cost, and quicker delivery?

Look no further! Request a FREE pilot project and we’ll let our work speak for itself!

Precise & Accurate Results

Through integration and implementation of multiple checkpoints and our two-pass verification system, we are able to minimalize errors and optimize results. Our Quality Assurance Team performs another final quality check before the project is considered fully complete to ensure that the data entered is correct and meets the client’s requirements and expectations.

We take great pride in our track record of 99.97% Accuracy!

World-Class Experts at Work

Our data entry team of professionals at ASU Technologies, not only deliver fast and accurate results, but inhabit a deep understanding of many different industries allowing them to provide specified data entry service to support diverse industries with varied intricacies.

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Quick Turnaround Time

The goal of our data entry and document coding teams of professionals is to provide excellent accuracy in the shortest amount of time to ensure highest level of customer satisfaction. Send us your project and we will guarantee quickest turnaround time while maintaining precise results.

Global Presence

Our domestic presence is crucial, as it completely eliminates all language and communication barriers as well as time gaps. With our corporate office located in Oklahoma city and worldwide operations, with ASU business ethics and practices do not change, culture and language does not change, but what does change is the higher quality we provide along with one of a kind customer experience, which keeps our clients loyal and committed to working with us.

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